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Derek also known as The Fat PT is a personal trainer based in Glasgow, if you haven’t seen his journey in the media or on Facebook, instagram, then read on for a bit more about Derek.

Tragedy  struck Derek at the age of 2 years old when he was badly burned in a house fire, from that moment until he reached 19  he had spent a lot of his life in the hospital getting operations, not able to have a normal childhood, his energy levels weren’t quite like other children’s, this is the main cause of his obesity. 


At 19 years old he was grotesquely over weight, determined to change his life he turned to diets and fitness with which he had challenges with, Derek eventually turned to a personal trainer for guidance to understand more about training and nutrition, as he made changes to his body and mindset Derek realised that he found a passion for fitness and well-being. 

People began to ask how he managed to achieve his weight loss and this eventually led to so many enquires that he felt he could help so many people who where stuck in the same position were he was once. Gaining his personal training qualification he started his The Fat PT business which has grown to a six figure business in just over a year. 


To provide Derek with a website that would match with his brand identity, we looked at working with a colour which is associated with empowering and is perceived  as value.

We consulted with Derek to really bring his idea's to life and implemented our creativity to the site design. The development team integrated responsive interactive effects, loading the elements of the page on scroll, creating an engaging and interoperable browsing experience.

We also produced a number of high quality videos for Derek's  social media and his private Facebook group which delivered invaluable messaging and advice to his online clients . We set up a  YouTube channel to showcase his documentary and added regular content with the aim of expanding his YouTube with a series of podcasts which are delivered in video format and audio format on his Spotify podcast channel.

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The new Fat PT website is now a far better representation of Derek's business  it has a more impactful workflow and effectively portrays the market appeal of the Fat PT brand to his target demographic.


The site is now mobile optimised and has undergone onsite SEO optimisation, resulting in increased online exposure and a significant improvement in user engagement.

We integrated all of The Fat PT social media platforms directing site users to Instagram, Facebook & YouTube accounts for Derek's online coaching business. 

The site is fully optimised for mobile & tablet devices ensuring that it works seamlessly for desktop and mobile browsers.

“I really enjoyed working with All Fit Media, not just for their quality service but also their help with inventive and imaginative ideas.”