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Tayla Hunter is an Online Transformation Coach, Posing Coach, Champion Bikini Athlete and functional bodybuilder.
She fell in love with the fitness world when I she was 18 years old after she  joined the gym and embarked on a journey to find the best possible version of herself.

Tayla's competing career began with her first Crossfit competition when she was 22 taking home a 1st place trophy which gave her a taste for the winning lifestyle. Crossfit challenged her mentally and physically. She was strong, fast and fit but needed a new challenge to further push her fitness ambitions.


In 2019, she stepped on stage as a Bikini Athlete. It was her first competitive season which she rounded off  as 3x Scottish Champion, 2x British Finalist and won an invite to return again to compete at a World Championship level. Now an Online Coach and Posing Coach she has developed her passion into a business to help other athletes in her sport.


From the start of Tayla's website design we sat and discussed a range of colours for her site, Tayla mentioned about her favourite colours being purple, black and pink so our designers looked at really making her site eye catching and sleek which we definitely managed to do.

As an online coach and posing coach it was important that the right imagery was used that would appeal directly with her target market.

We had her entire portfolio of images and began working on placement and messaging throughout the site, we also scheduled a video shoot to bring the site some moving imagery to incorporate 

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Tayla's new website is now a fresh sleek design that is fully responsive for her clients and customers.


The site has undergone onsite SEO optimisation, resulting in increased online exposure and a significant improvement in user engagement.

We integrated all of Tayla's social media platforms directing site users to her Instagram and Facebook accounts for her online coaching business. 

The site is fully optimised for mobile & tablet devices ensuring that it works seamlessly for desktop and mobile browsers.

“They really brought my vision to life. The branding, colour scheme and content was absolutely phenominal.”